Doss Elementary Jane Willis Library

Bringing literature to life

When the public elementary school down the street began a budget-minded renovation effort, we brought some left- and right-brained thinking to the space to make it magical and easy to use.

Project Team: Briks

Environmental Graphics
Interior Art and Exhibits
Signage and Wayfinding

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Let the books be the color

With input from the school librarian and principal, our good friend and artist BRIKS painted a gorgeous monochromatic mural of children's book characters — all without resorting to licensed characters. We let the book collection take center stage then added a bit of color to help early readers navigate the sections.

Watch BRIKS in action

Over a period of about a month, BRIKS translated his vision onto more than 1,000 square feet of wall space, one stroke at a time. His skill with additive and subtractive shades of grey and white is fascinating to watch.