H-E-B Grocery Company

Shaping store experiences across Texas

We’ve been a trusted partner to Texans’ favorite grocery store for more than a dozen years. During that time, we’ve worked with the H-E-B Design + Construction team to support the brand, launch new product lines, and create customer-friendly in-store experiences.

Branding and Identity
Environmental Graphics
Signage and Wayfinding

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Suburban Market Interior Graphics

For this suburban Houston store concept, we developed a highly textured graphics package that addresses the expectations of customers looking for a warm, high-touch shopping experience.

“I’ve been consistently pleased and delighted by Asterisk Group’s work for years. From grocery to gas, they get it. Whether inventing or re-inventing, this team designs great and ownable retail environments. They get your brand and your business. I am always confident that when they’re on the team, the work will be great. That quality is a reflection of the people they are — a powerhouse of pure and dependable talent.”

Gwen Newland, former Director of Design, H-E-B Design + Construction
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Mi Tienda Interior Graphics

This prototype store in southeast Houston was designed for first- and second-generation Hispanic immigrants. The concept uses the look of found materials, intense color, and eclectic typography to convey the sensibility of Mexican street food vendors. Although the signage elements look hand-crafted, we actually created them digitally to allow for replication in multiple stores.

With H-E-B, we work as an extension of a very capable but busy in-house team. While collaborating on various phases of more than 50 projects, we have developed the ability to speak a shared brand language and integrate smoothly into their operational environment.

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South Texas Interior Graphics

For a new store in south Texas, we developed a bilingual signage package that feels clean, tidy, and economical. Its materials include plywood, chalkboard, and cardboard layered in dynamic combinations.

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San Antonio Children's Market

Not far from the H-E-B headquarters, the San Antonio Children’s Museum includes a bilingual “mini store” sized for junior shoppers. We illustrated all of the exhibits with a focus on teaching the basics of nutrition.

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In-Store Restaurants

We’ve developed signage and environmental graphics for several of H-E-B’s in-store cafes and restaurants, many tailored to specific locations and neighborhoods. We’ve also created non-restaurant in-store experiences like H-E-B Optical, which rolled out in 2017.

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Fuel Stations

The identity and graphics package for H-E-B’s fuel stations and car washes make use of a simple vocabulary of bright colors and white dots. Specialty signage brings a sparkle to the stores' drink stations.