Repositioning Austin’s first mall as a new urban environment

We worked with developer RedLeaf Properties to tell the story of Highland’s transformation from Austin’s first enclosed mall to an energetic mixed-use urban environment. This included creating a brand position and graphic identity, as well as developing resources for telling the Highland story to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Project Team: Content & Context

Branding and Identity
Brand Strategy
Message Architecture
Marketing Collateral and Campaigns

“Asterisk Group played an important role in helping us to launch our high-profile Highland project. The distinctive graphic identity, website, and vision brochure they created for Highland simplified a complex story and clearly conveyed the project’s benefits to a diverse group of stakeholders.”

Matt Whelan, Principal, RedLeaf Properties​
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The Project

In a public-private partnership with Austin Community College, RedLeaf Properties is reimagining the 1970s-era Highland Mall as an innovative learning center surrounded by a vibrant, urban mixed-use district with apartments, offices, shops, and public spaces. The new district is designed to be friendly to pedestrians, bicycles, and public transit.

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Graphic Identity

The Highland identity conveys the idea of an energetic, connected neighborhood that supports a diverse range of uses – from education and technology to housing and retail – in a transit-oriented, sustainable environment.

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Vision Book and Website

We planned, wrote, and produced a vision book and website that detail the short- and long-terms plans for Highland. The book and website place a particular emphasis on how the project will benefit residents throughout Central Texas, support surrounding neighborhoods, protect the environment, and honor the site’s history.

View the website here.