Madroño Ranch

Guiding the evolution of a Texas Hill Country ranch

We helped the owners of this beautiful, family-owned central Texas oasis transform the property into a private retreat for environmentally focused writers and artists, then launched a foundation that operates beyond the ranch itself.

Branding and Identity
Signage and Wayfinding
Marketing Collateral and Campaigns

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Eat. Think. Hatch.

The land was a working ranch and home to more than 60 head of bison, an icon of the American west that became the foundation for the project’s identity. The silhouetted bison, backlit with sun rays, was complemented by hand-drawn typography. Applications included property signage and wayfinding, organic bison packaging, caps and bumper stickers fit for a pickup.

My family and I have worked with Asterisk Group to develop visual identities for two different entities — Madroño Ranch: A Center for Writing, Art, and the Environment, and the Madroño Foundation — and both times the experience was absolutely wonderful. They turned our fuzzy ideas into a strong and elegant program that conveys everything we wanted to. Our relationship with them has been both incredibly productive and intensely enjoyable.

Martin Kohout | President | Madroño Foundation