Oracle Austin Signage and Wayfinding

Guiding staff and visitors through a tech giant’s new campus

For the 560,000-square-foot first phase of Oracle’s new Austin campus, we handled design, documentation, and fabrication management for the on-building, interior, and parking garage signage and wayfinding program.con

Project Team: STG Design; Pavon Design; Content & Context

Key Collaborators: Capital Architectural Signs

Signage and Wayfinding

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Designed for usability and architectural compatibility

We designed the program — from the largest building identification sign to the smallest cube plaque — to meet client-provided goals for clarity and efficiency. At the same time, the system also complements the building’s sleek and polished architectural aesthetic. Our comprehensive scope included everything from ADA-required signage to judiciously placed wayfinding gestures throughout the building.

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Making a sophisticated first impression

In the main lobby space, we developed a minimalist treatment of the corporate logotype that responds to the angular architectural forms surrounding it. The depth of the high-gloss metal letters subtly recedes across the logo, casting changing shadows on the wall as the sun crosses the space. The fabrication of this deceptively complex element involved numerous sample reviews and shop visits to get the geometry and finish just right.

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Orienting and informing on the campus grounds

We provided the graphic panels that orient users to the site and catalogue the project’s sustainable features. Sign forms for the project’s exterior site signage were designed by our colleagues at TBG Partners, the campus landscape design team.

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Intuitive garage orientation

Each level of the project's eight-story garage is color coded and identified with an icon based on an Austin landmark. Interpretive plaques at each level (written by Content & Context) give users information about these landmarks, offering an additional cue to help them remember where they parked that day. We also provided all vehicular directionals and life-safety signage for the parking structure, as well as for the additional parking level below the main building.