Helping a popular children’s museum grow up gracefully

For the new incarnation of Austin's beloved children's museum, we created a bilingual signage program that utilizes kid-friendly colors and playful graphics to deliver high impact on a non-profit budget.

Project Team: STG Design; Pavon Design

Environmental Graphics
Signage and Wayfinding
Donor Recognition

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Signage, Wayfinding and Architectural Graphics

Our wayfinding program for the 40,000-square-foot building by STG Design utilizes a high-contrast palette that distinguishes it from the colorful exhibits. The brand-oriented placemaking graphics, on the other hand, take their cues from exhibit materials and forms, incorporating elements such as router-cut plywood and bold iconography.

On the ground floor, a building diagram and bilingual directory help visitors to orient themselves and chart a course appropriate for their child's age and interests.

“Asterisk Group was the partner we needed to deliver the Thinkery brand to our community. They created a sophisticated, elegant and clever design that took our visitor experience to the next level. Their process was thoughtful and flexible and led to an incredible product. They got to know us, our values, and what we were trying to accomplish. They became part of our team and had a deep commitment to the success of the project. I can’t wait to work with them again.”

Mark Nellis, former Director, Thinkery
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Donor Recognition

To help the organization recognize the supporters that made the Thinkery possible, we created a variety of tools for recognizing donors. These range from large, multi-donor installations to a plaque system for acknowledging sponsorships tied to specific building areas.

Exterior Art

Outside, we created a large-scale installation that draws attention to the museum's bicycle parking area. Made from hundreds of individual, hand-applied metal strips, it's become a popular photo backdrop for museum visitors and Austin cyclists. Watch a time lapse of the day-long installation here.

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Kitchen Lab Exhibit

In an area where kids learn about kitchen-based science through hands-on experiments, we created a wall installation that introduces the ideas of food science and the periodic table of elements.

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Imaginarium Branding and Invitation

In addition to our work on the building, we also developed a graphic identity and collateral materials for the Thinkery's annual fundraising gala.